The thrill of it all....... (dewdropinnn) wrote,
The thrill of it all.......

Oh it's been crazyiness all around, and I finally got to loosen up at Hutch's bacherlotte party although after dinner I felt like I was going to vomit (and it had nothing to do with drinking) before that, I had like 3 beers in 4 hours. Hutch's mom gave me a pill called "boneing" or something, and she said it is great for hangovers,,,um no.

So after the first bar or two I didn't drink, and then when I did drink everyone was wasted, so I didn't bother trying to catch up. I did have fun though dancing, and seeing a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile. It was also nice going out in a different town.

Today I got a full body massage at the casino. We (Carrie and I) went into the steam room, and it was HOOOOOOOOT. I loved it though.

While in our robes we are waiting for our massuse. One girl gets called by a girl, then Carrie gets called by a girl, and then I get called on by a HOT guy. My first massage and I get a hottie. I didn't feel too comfortable at first, but it was fine. With tip, and the 50 min massage it was $210. Apparantely Carrie says that is nothing, yeah right. However, I didn't pay. She bought it for me for my b day/xmas just because I have never had one. NIce for me.

So now I have to go to Jamaica in 2008. Seems far in advance, but it's for Matt's brother's wedding.

I really hope I can put a wee dent in my debt by then.
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