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aww, look at the baby

We are going to "look" at some Beagle puppies tomorrow. I did some research and they are good house pets (if they get exercise regularly) they are loving, and get along with other pets. Well if we did get one, I am concerned because Maxx is soooooooo needy. He has to be touching some part of you constantly (unless he is outside) He would have to majorly adjust, or maybe he would like a companion when we are not home.

I also heard Beagles can have an annoying bark, but females are bettar in males in that dept.

Matt told me he wants to go see some pups, who are only 3 weeks old or so, so even if we wanted to take them home, we couldn't just yet. HOwever we are getting a sneak preview, and if we want, we can pick which one we want and have pick of the liter.

Hello? Can you take a girl to see a really cute puppy and have her NOT want to take him/her home?

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